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Typically when you want the best cuts of meat you normally have to pay through the roof, buy the offcuts or settle for meat that is close to its expiry date. Some people are happy doing that however it means that you’re not going to get the best quality meat that you can. This is where Chelsea Meats, an online butcher can enter the equation.

Chelsea Meats is a Melbourne based family run business that is really focused on bringing the same quality meat to your plate that you would expect if you went straight to the farmer themselves.. As a Bayside area based online butcher we like to support local Victorian businesses and we have excellent relationships with various local suppliers. We choose our suppliers based on the quality of their meat and how they treat their livestock. For example, we source our Angus Beef from Gippsland where the cattle have been bred with special care and attention.

We don’t just care about the quality of the meat. We also care about how the livestock is treated and we only stock meat that has been sourced from free range farmers.

Being an online butcher means that we have lower overheads and a smaller retail space so that means you get lower prices and your family budget will go further without the need to compromise on quality. All of the meat that we sell has been sourced fresh from farmers, so you can trust that the meat you buy from us can either be used in the same week, or if you know you’ve got a big event coming up such as a birthday or another celebration, you can buy the meat now and save it for later knowing that it will retain its quality and taste.

We offer a wide selection of meats, including dietary staples like beef, lamb, pork, chicken and even value packs. Our value packs come in different sizes or types, with one specifically created for chicken lovers and we intend to offer specials on beef so come back to our website and see what beef specials we’re offering.

Sometimes you want a little extra to go with your meat and we’re an online butcher that sells sauces, gravies and even wine that can be matched to the meat. If you’d like some advice on what wine goes best with what meat then give us a call on (03) 9722 1030 or send us an email and we’d be happy to give you our recommendations based on our years of experience.


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We guarantee the best quality beef because we supply directly from our own Gippsland farms. Our beef is consistently fine dining restaurant quality with a money back guarantee.


We source our lamb from the best Western District farm land.


We source our pork from Victoria’s best wholesale suppliers.


La Ionica chicken is a the premium brand supplied through our shop.


We offer weekly specials usually in our premium beef so that every family can enjoy a healthy diet with lots of protein from our wide range of beef products.

Value Packs

A variety meat pack adds interest and choice to your home cooked meals. It allows you to budget your meat needs, it includes meat in smaller cryovac packs which will stay fresh in your fridge for at least a couple of weeks until you need it.

Sauces, Gravies, Wine

Delicious sauces and gravies pre-prepared in value packs for you that can give your meal that restaurant flavour at a fraction of the restaurant cost. We match wines from select vineyards. Enjoy a glass or two from the wines we have matched with the meat, with most bottles under $25 and delivered with your meat.

Natural Foods

See our range including cheese, honey, oils and smallgoods.


What People are Saying

star reviews chelsea quality meats

“Top quality meat”

Top quality meat, just got our Christmas ham and wow you can really taste the difference in a quality piece of meat cooked on site by the owner!

Nick Smith

star reviews chelsea quality meats

“Knowledgable Staff – Organic meats”

Great service and lovely produce
Julie Cartwright
star reviews chelsea quality meats

“Meat is Amazing”

Chicken, lamb, beef or pork doesn’t matter what we buy the meat is amazing The service is second to none x

Meg Anderson

star reviews chelsea quality meats

“Great Meat”

Small local butcher shop servicing the local community and afar. Great meat, great service and friendly staff.

Sheree McCrae


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glen alvie angus
st bernards free range pork
la ionica chicken
grass fed lamb